Our Support Services

Mass Tort Support provides concierge litigation support services that plugs in with your firm as if we were “just down the hall.” We have years of real-life law firm expertise and have the skill and experience to be an excellent front line to your practice.  By outsourcing plaintiff management to Mass Tort Support, we allow you to focus on the practice of law while we take care of your day to day plaintiff support services.  We are confident that you will find MTS cost effective as you only pay for the services that you use.

Many law firms send out a lengthy intake questionnaire to their clients once they have secured their retainer agreement.  For those plaintiffs who actually return the client questionnaire, they are often illegible and incomplete.  We find that a short interview with your plaintiff early in the case can save you time and money.  As part of our intake screening program we offer the following services:

  • Assist in drafting intake questionnaires specific for the litigation and demographic population of the plaintiffs.
  • Conduct initial telephone interviews with your clients to obtain critical information related to injury, product identification, medical and pharmacy providers and client contact information. By conducting this interview over the phone rather than sending out a questionnaire to the clients, we ensure that all questions are understood and answered.    This early intervention can also serve as a cost-efficient way to detect and reject plaintiffs that do not fit the determined case criteria.
  • All information gathered during intake interviews can be captured in our database and produced to you in a format that you can input into your case management system or we can work directly in your case management system.
    • NEW: Paragard & Texas Power Outage Intake